23 thg 12, 2017

Slide Hình cho blogger

1.Vào Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Add a Gadget Select HTML/Javascript

2.Copy code bên dưới, sửa các link hình lại và save là xong.
Link chép code

Camera is a responsive/adaptive slideshow. Try to resize the browser window
It uses a light version of jQuery mobile, navigate the slides by swiping with your fingers
It's completely free (even though a donation is appreciated)
Camera slideshow provides many options to customize your project as more as possible
It supports captions, HTML elements and videos.

Một vài mục cần chỉnh sửa theo ý bạn:
time: 2500, // milliseconds between the end of the sliding effect and the start of the nex one

transPeriod: 1200, // length of the sliding effect in milliseconds

thumbnails: false, // thumnails & tooltip is controlled by it

pagination: true, // only when "pagination" is set to "false" thumbnails will be visible

fx: 'curtainTopLeft, curtainTopRight, curtainBottomLeft, curtainBottomRight, curtainSliceLeft, curtainSliceRight, blindCurtainTopLeft, blindCurtainTopRight, blindCurtainBottomLeft, blindCurtainBottomRight, blindCurtainSliceBottom, blindCurtainSliceTop, stampede, mosaic, mosaicReverse, mosaicRandom, mosaicSpiral, mosaicSpiralReverse, topLeftBottomRight, bottomRightTopLeft, bottomLeftTopRight, bottomLeftTopRight, scrollLeft, scrollRight, scrollHorz, scrollBottom, scrollTop', // transition effects

hover: false, // Pause on hover
height: '50%' // slideshow height (50% is default)

Chỉnh CSS theo ý bạn
.fluid_container {

margin: 0 auto; /* aling centered */

width: 100%;

max-width: 900px;

overflow: hidden;

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